Trixie Mattel announces Christmas album ‘Homemade Christmas’

Trixie Mattel may be extremely busy being, y’know, the front-runner for the upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, but that hasn’t stopped her being an incredibly successful country music artist on the side.

Trixie Mattel’s debut album ‘Two Birds’ was a surprise success story earlier this year on the iTunes charts, and now she’s back with the follow-up – a Christmas album titled ‘Homemade Christmas’.

According to Trixie on Twitter, all songs on the album are acoustic and played by Trixie herself.

Trixie Mattel has a busy few months ahead of her. Following the release of the Christmas album in December, Trixie will embark on her solo comedy tour ‘Now With Moving Parts’ throughout January in the UK. All Stars 3 is expected to premiere in this same month.

‘Homemade Christmas’ is notably the first full-length Christmas solo project by a Drag Race alumni.

The album arrives on December 1st, just in time for the festive season.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 3 – A cast breakdown

Last week, the cast for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars was revealed. Here’s a breakdown of the ten nine queens revealed to be participating:


Aja is the newest member of our All Star line-up, having placed 9th on the most recent season of Drag Race (Season 9). She is most notable for her rivalry with Valentina which resulted in her epic “Linda Evangelista” speech/breakdown in Untucked. Aja didn’t win any challenges on her original season but is remembered for her amazing dance abilities. For Aja and her fans, All-Stars 3 is the chance for a great rudemption.


BenDeLaCreme is the one Miss Congeniality you will find on the All-Stars 3 line-up. She was voted for this title as one of the stand-out fan favourites on Season 6, ultimately placing 5th in the competition. With two challenge wins and one of the best performance runs out of the cast, DeLa stands out as one of the contestants to beat. DeLa’s participation in All-Stars may come as a shock to some fans as she has stated in interviews that she would never want to participate.


Chi Chi DeVayne didn’t stand out as a front-runner on Season 8 to begin with, but she surprised the Drag Race audience with her epic performance skills, winning the ‘Bitch Perfect’ challenge and slaughtering Naysha Lopez and Thorgy Thor live on stage with her winning lip-syncs. Chi Chi ultimately placed fourth in the competition (the joint best in this season) and she’s definitely one to watch to snatch the All-Stars crown. Chi Chi has turned her life around since the show, and you’ll be able to see the change on the show.


Kennedy Davenport may be considered the villain of Season 7, but there’s no doubt that she’s a hugely fierce competitor. With two challenge wins including the prestigious ‘Snatch Game’ title for her season, it came as a shock to many (including Kennedy herself) that she was not picked to move forward to the top three. However, Kennedy has been given a second chance on the show and I’m sure she’ll use this experience to secure the top three position that she wanted.


Milk is another contestant looking to get a rudemption on this season of All-Stars, also placing ninth on her season (Season 6) like Aja. What makes Milk’s case different to other early outs is that her position didn’t stop her gaining one of the biggest audiences outside the show. Milk has a huge and completely deserved fanbase and she is considered to be one of the most original and risky queens to grace the show, including coming out on the runway pregnant, as a man, and with a beard (that inspired a runway the following season).


Just like Tatianna on All-Stars 2, Morgan McMichaels is the next Season 2 queen to be given a second chance on a season years later. Almost a decade after she came 8th, Morgan has been invited back for another shot at the crown. Similar to Tatianna’s story, I’m sure we will be seeing Morgan gain a whole new fanbase as many fans will not have seen her original season. Morgan is known for her quotable fight with Mystique Summers in Untucked and for winning the first challenge of her season.


Technically, Morgan isn’t the only Season 2 queen you’ll find in this cast. Shangela was only in Season 2 for one episode, but she made such an impact that she was invited back for Season 3. Shangela’s box reveal in the first episode is remembered as one of Drag Race’s defining moments, and she has left such a mark on the show that she’s now back for a third try at the race. After Alyssa Edwards failed to snatch the crown on All-Stars 2, it would be amazing for Shangela to be able to bring it home for the Haus of Edwards on this season.


Thorgy Thor was one of the stand-out queens of Season 8, however she believes her legacy on the show to be “being jealous of Bob”, which is true to an extent. Thorgy placed a very respectable 6th in her season but failed to win any challenges, coming a close second to Bob in both RuCo’s Empire and Snatch Game. As one of the more unique personalities on this season, maybe this is her chance to win some challenges and perform even better than she did last time around.


The final queen participating on this season of All-Stars is none other than one of the ultimate fan favourites, Trixie Mattel. Trixie didn’t perform well at all on Season 7, coming 11th originally before being brought back and finishing in 6th. That didn’t stop Trixie from becoming one of the biggest Drag Race success stories ever. With her hit country album ‘Two Birds’ and her webshow with Katya ‘UNHhhh’ (the latter of which scored her a Streamy nomination and a follow-up television show), it’s Trixie’s crown to lose on this season if she plays her cards right.


Let’s just say that she’s got her eye on something that she already has.

All-Stars 3 airs this Winter on VH1.