Merry Christmas from Prinsesh

The holiday season is a busy time so apologies for the lack of posts from Prinsesh over the couple of weeks.

However, we’ve been hard at work with our ritaoraoftheyear: Best Of 2017 coming in the near future, so we’ll see you very soon.

In the mean time, GFOTY’s 2016 Christmas single “John White Christmas Man” is available to stream on Soundcloud.

“I am the Christmas man

I like to share my cheer

And in the morning time

I will be here”


Björk and serpentwithfeet is the collaboration we never knew we needed

Icelandic goddess Björk and New York alt-gospel phenomenon serpentwithfeet is a collab that I have never thought about, and now I can’t imagine my life without it.

serpentwithfeet was easily the best new artist of 2016 (his debut project ‘blisters’ landed at #5 on my year-end list) and Björk is arguably one of the best artists of all time. Both make very experimental and intricately emotional music. So of course it makes sense that they should team up.

serpentwithfeet has hopped onto a new version of Björk’s ballad “Blissing Me” which serves as the second single from her most recent album ‘Utopia’.

Along with the duet remix, Björk has also released a harp version, because we all know how much Björk loves releasing versions of the same songs but with altered instrumentals, hence three different versions of previous album ‘Vulnicura’.

Now, I guess there’s nothing else to do but patiently await ‘Utopia Live’ or ‘Utopia Strings’. At least we have this gorgeous collab to savour in the meantime.

‘Utopia’ is available now.

Hannah Diamond surprise releases debut EP (mix?) ‘Soon I won’t see you at all’

Hannah Diamond fans have been dreaming about the eventual release of an EP for thousands and thousands of years.

Well quit dreaming folks, because the day is finally here!

‘Soon I won’t see you at all’ is the first body of work from pop singer Hannah Diamond, and it features three brand new songs from the PC Music star.

All three tracks are produced by PC Music label head A. G. Cook, who also co-wrote opener “Never Again” and closer “The Ending” with Hannah. Second track “Concrete Angel” is a reworked cover of a Gareth Emery/Christina Novelli song – a song that has “been one of [Hannah’s] favourite songs for so long!!”

Not only has Hannah released three new songs, but all three songs are available to download for free right here so you can listen to them to your heart’s content while you wait for the mythical ‘Reflections’…

I don’t want to see “WHERE IS REFLECTIONS???” for another year now.

Charli XCX drops two more promo singles from ‘POP2’ featuring cupcakKe, Jay Park, more

It’s almost Christmas. And I don’t mean actual Christmas – I mean the release of Charli XCX’s second(!) full-length album mixtape this year, ‘POP2’.

To get us even more excited for the album (if that’s physically possible), Charli has dropped two more promo singles from the album – “Unlock It” and “I Got It”.

The former features upcoming singer Kim Petras along with former K-pop idol Jay Park, whilst the latter features a fabulously queer line-up of Brazil’s breakout drag star Pabllo Vittar along with previous collaborators, rappers Brooke Candy and cupcakKe.

Brooke Candy previously featured on Charli’s 2012 single “Cloud Aura” from her fourth mixtape ‘Super Ultra’ (and later on ‘True Romance’) and cupcakKe was featured on POP2’s predecessor ‘Number 1 Angel’ on highlight track “Lipgloss”.

POP2 is just around the corner, and will feature even MORE collaborations, including pop’s finest Carly Rae Jepsen and former Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek – both of which have worked with PC Music’s Danny L Harle.

‘POP2’ is out this Friday on digital platforms and streaming services.

PC Music: Month of (December)hem

PC Music are known to go through phases of not releasing anything – but there’s other times where they’ll drop a bunch of new stuff in a very short period of time…a couple of days, for instance.

So here’s everything new in the PC Music world in the past few days:


We at Prinsesh know that SOPHIE isn’t an official part of the PC Music roster, unlike every other publication ever. However, SOPHIE does have strong links with the roster including A. G. Cook production collabs “Hey QT” and “Moteur Action (Remix)” and GFOTY-assisted single “HARD”. Recently, SOPHIE dropped “It’s Okay to Cry” and now she’s back with a brand new single “Ponyboy” with a video to go with it.


Charli XCX has just announced the release of her sixth mixtape ‘POP2’ and along with the announcement, she dropped a brand new single “Out Of My Head” featuring Tove Lo and upcoming BBC Sound Of nominee Alma. The track, produced by PC Music boss (and Charli’s creative director) A. G. Cook along with SOPHIE, is a laid-back piece of pop perfection which is sure to please fans while they eagerly await ‘POP2”s upcoming release.


felicita is easily one of PC Music’s more underrated artists. The ‘A New Family’ EP was a spark of brilliance but was largely overshadowed by releases by GFOTY and Hannah Diamond at a similar time. However, felicita has had a great year of releases including the ‘ecce homo’ EP, his ‘Post Tenebras Lux’ and a remix of Danny L Harle’s huge ‘Super Natural’. Now, he’s back with a new single “hej!” from his next project, due to arrive in 2018. The video features the Polish dance company Mazury.


Danny L Harle teams up with Australian rapper Tkay Maidza for a new single, titled “Bom Bom” – and disappointingly, it’s not a cover of Sam & the Womp’s ridiculous #1 hit of the same name from five years ago. Danny L Harle has had a busy year which included the release of his ‘1UL’ EP as well as various single releases under different aliases. Meanwhile, Tkay Maidza released her debut album just over a year ago and has since followed it up with a single “Glorious” which was commissioned by the problematic Lena Dunham for her television show ‘Girls’.


If those four single releases weren’t enough for you, the wonderful Lil Data has provided us with fourty-two minutes of new music in his live mix ‘Hard Attack Surface’. The mix was produced using live coding platform TidalCycles, and was recorded live at Atlanta music venue Aisle 5. Lil Data releases two live code mixes earlier this year as part of PC Music’s Month of Mayhem, and two songs (“Casey Asked Me Am I Angry” and “Temple (TidleCycles Edit)” landed on PC Music’s Month of Mayhem compilation album.

Charli XCX stuns fans with a new mixtape announcement ‘POP2’ featuring an all-star guest list

It’s only been nine months since Charli XCX practically gave us an album in the form of ‘Number 1 Angel’ – a project that she only called a mixtape so she could get it out into the world.

Fans of Charli will be pleased to know that she’s managed to convince her label again, and in a week’s time, ‘POP2’ will be here for the world to hear.

Meanwhile, Charli has released a new single “Out Of My Head” featuring Alma and Tove Lo – her first single since her internet sensation “Boys” in the Summer.

The all-star guest list on ‘POP2’ features previous collaborators Brooke Candy, cupcakKe and MØ, as well as some incredible fresh faces including pop queen Carly Rae Jepsen, drag sensation Pabllo Vittar and former K-pop idol Jay Park (who also starred in the “Boys” video, above).

There’s also a mysteriously titled closing track, “Track 10”, which has led some fans to believe that this is one of the long-awaited tracks played at her and SOPHIE’s infamous ‘Exchange’ show where they played a bunch of never-heard-before (and fantastic) demos.

It’s only one week till we find out what this could be – along with the other nine brand new songs along with it. Merry Christmas.

‘POP2’ is out December 15th and is available to pre-order now.

Camila Cabello announces debut album, drops two new songs

If you’re a Camila Cabello fan, then Christmas has come early…sort of.

Camila Cabello has announced her debut album, due to arrive on January 12th. The album, originally titled ‘the hurting. the healing. the loving’, has now been changed to something a lot less extra but a lot more generic – simply ‘Camila’.

And with the name change, a track list shocker has come too. Out of the four singles she’s released so far, only “Havana” makes the cut. This means that Quavo assisted “OMG”, UK hit “Crying in the Club” and the outstanding “I Have Questions” are now lost in her history.

And to make matters worse, only ten tracks will be on the album (eleven if you count this year’s most pointless bonus track – a radio edit that changes one lyric…). Fans of Camila have been left confused as to why previous singles have been omitted when the album is so short.

On the other hand, Camila has treated fans with two brand new songs to make up for the random shelving of several singles. “Never Be The Same” and “Real Friends” (along with that very pointless radio edit of the former) are now available for fans to hear, along with the pre-order of the album.

“Never Be The Same” is a soaring mid-tempo pop ballad, whereas “Real Friends” is a stripped down guitar-driven acoustic track.

Both songs are proving popular with fans, and will definitely tide her fanbase over until the release of her debut next month.

‘Camila’ is available to pre-order now.