Hannah Diamond surprise releases debut EP (mix?) ‘Soon I won’t see you at all’

Hannah Diamond fans have been dreaming about the eventual release of an EP for thousands and thousands of years.

Well quit dreaming folks, because the day is finally here!

‘Soon I won’t see you at all’ is the first body of work from pop singer Hannah Diamond, and it features three brand new songs from the PC Music star.

All three tracks are produced by PC Music label head A. G. Cook, who also co-wrote opener “Never Again” and closer “The Ending” with Hannah. Second track “Concrete Angel” is a reworked cover of a Gareth Emery/Christina Novelli song – a song that has “been one of [Hannah’s] favourite songs for so long!!”

Not only has Hannah released three new songs, but all three songs are available to download for free right here so you can listen to them to your heart’s content while you wait for the mythical ‘Reflections’…

I don’t want to see “WHERE IS REFLECTIONS???” for another year now.