Camila Cabello announces debut album, drops two new songs

If you’re a Camila Cabello fan, then Christmas has come early…sort of.

Camila Cabello has announced her debut album, due to arrive on January 12th. The album, originally titled ‘the hurting. the healing. the loving’, has now been changed to something a lot less extra but a lot more generic – simply ‘Camila’.

And with the name change, a track list shocker has come too. Out of the four singles she’s released so far, only “Havana” makes the cut. This means that Quavo assisted “OMG”, UK hit “Crying in the Club” and the outstanding “I Have Questions” are now lost in her history.

And to make matters worse, only ten tracks will be on the album (eleven if you count this year’s most pointless bonus track – a radio edit that changes one lyric…). Fans of Camila have been left confused as to why previous singles have been omitted when the album is so short.

On the other hand, Camila has treated fans with two brand new songs to make up for the random shelving of several singles. “Never Be The Same” and “Real Friends” (along with that very pointless radio edit of the former) are now available for fans to hear, along with the pre-order of the album.

“Never Be The Same” is a soaring mid-tempo pop ballad, whereas “Real Friends” is a stripped down guitar-driven acoustic track.

Both songs are proving popular with fans, and will definitely tide her fanbase over until the release of her debut next month.

‘Camila’ is available to pre-order now.