iamamiwhoami’s ionnalee to release debut album in February

Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee has been recording music under the iamamiwhoami name for years, but in February, her first full-length project under the name ionnalee will arrive.

The album, titled ‘Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten’ arrives in February, almost a year after the release of lead single “Samaritan”.

Jonna has since followed up “Samaritan” with three further singles – “Not Human”, “Simmer Down” and most recently “Gone”, which was released alongside the album announcement.

Her previous album ‘BLUE’ was released in 2014 under the iamamiwhoami name. This then prompted the release of her second live album ‘Concert in Blue’ which was released the following year.

Jonna has previously stated that the iamamiwhoami and ionnalee projects will not exist simultaneously, but fans can look forward to Jonna’s first full-length project in almost four years.

‘Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten’ arrives February 16. The album can be pre-ordered here through To Whom It May Concern.