GFOTY announces ‘GFOTYBUCKS’ compilation, shares “Tongue” and music video

What kind of artist would announce a compilation album, release a single, release a double-feature music video, announce a launch party, and announce merch including a 32-page zine and PC Music’s first ever official CD release on the same day? GFOTY would.

Today (9th November – remember this special date), GFOTY has announced her compilation album ‘GFOTYBUCKS: Greatest Hits’ featuring a strong variety of nineteen of her tracks taken from ‘Secret Mix’, ‘Cake Mix’, ‘DISown Mix’, ‘VIPOTY’, ‘Call Him A Doctor’ and standalone single releases.

Six single releases have preceded the release of this album: “Friday Night” (2012), “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It” (2014), “My Song” (2014), “Christmas Day” (2014), “USA” (2015) and most recently, “Tongue” (today)

“Tongue” is GFOTY’s first single release in six months since “Month of Mayhem”. She first premiered the song back in 2016 at Pop City L.A. and now the song is available for all to hear in its full glory.

“Tongue” also is the second part of a brand new double-feature music video along with ‘VIPOTY’ favourite “Poison”. GFOTY’s step-by-step write-up of the music video is available on the GFOTYBUCKS website.

‘GFOTYBUCKS’ is notably PC Music’s first ever official physical release. The album will be available on CD along with a 32-page zine with exclusive recipes, lyrics and artwork. The release is available to pre-order here. Tickets for GFOTY’s launch party on November 23rd are also available to purchase through

‘GFOTYBUCKS’ will be released on November 17th. “Tongue” is out now.