Introducing “UK Drag Dates” – the newest addition to Prinsesh

As you may have noticed, Prinsesh has gone on a short hiatus for the past week and a half which has allowed us room to expand and we are pleased to announce our newest section – and a UK first at that.

This week has been a busy week for Prinsesh. Today we debut “UK Drag Dates” – a complete calendar of every queen appearance in the UK.

Others have tried and failed in the past, but at Prinsesh we aim to provide you with a fully researched and regularly updated list of all the queens near you throughout the year.

Keeping track of 113 Drag Race alumni and countless other notable queens seems like an impossible task which is why we would love readers to help out in correcting mistakes and notifying Prinsesh of any missed dates. You can contact us through the contact form.

We hope you love the new addition to the website, which is now live and can be found in the sidebar. Prinsesh will be back to its usual articles from tomorrow. Apologies for the hiatus but we believe this was the best step in expanding the Prinsesh brand – giving the audience a useful tool and another reason to visit!